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Tees & Persse Building

Saskatoon, SK






Original building: 43,000ft2
New addition: 21,000ft2

Legacy Land Inc.

KSA Group Architecture

JCK Engineering provided a building condition assessment of the 6-storey load bearing multi-wythe brick and heavy timber Chicago style warehouse building which was constructed in 1911. Upon completion of our assessment report, we were engaged to provide structural engineering services for the restoration of the existing building and construction of a 6-storey cast-in-place concrete addition immediately adjacent.

Our restoration work included repair of 19 concrete footings which were severely degraded by sulphate attack from the soil. A plan to shore up individual building columns so large portions of the footing could be removed and replaced with new concrete was required for this work. Additionally, we oversaw the deepening of the basement and replacement of the dirt basement floor with a grade supported concrete slab.

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