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Chemtrade Logistics

Mildred Lake, AB






51,500 ft2

Chemtrade Logistics

Techna-West Engineering LTD.

Chemtrade Logistics on Syncrude Canada Ltd’s Mildred Lake site is a Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer Plant. The plant processes the slurry produced by Syncrude’s ammonia scrubber into commercially saleable ammonium sulphate fertilizer. Due to the chemical processing of ammonia, the site has experienced issues with steel oxidizing. Our ongoing work at the Chemtrade Logistics plant deals with identifying areas of concern, prioritizing repair options based on yearly maintenance budgets, and executing repairs in a timely manner while not disrupting processes on the plant. To date, we have helped replaced all steel roof decks, portions of the wall systems and various supporting structural members with stainless steel to ensure past issues of oxidizing are resolved.

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