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River Landing West Development & No. 1 River Landing Condo

Building Size:     7,464 sqm Parkade

                           15,001 sqm Condo Tower

                           9,474 sqm Hotel Tower

Owners:              Victory Majors Investments Corporation/Triovest                                                 (West Parkade)

                           Victory Majors Investments Corporation/Urban                                                     Capital (Condo Tower)

                           Victory Majors Investments Corporation/Groupe                                                   Germain (Hotel Tower)

Architects:          Gibbs Gage Architects (West Parkade)

                           LemayMichaud | Architecture Design and aodbt                                                 architecture + interior design (Condo Tower)

                           LemayMichaud | Architecture Design (Hotel Tower) 


Location:            Saskatoon, SK

Year:                  2019

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